Sunday, June 21, 2009


I decided a long time ago I was going to have a big bash for the babies, but planning it was not on my radar. My mom kept asking me if I was planning it and I just blew it off and decided I was going to do just family. I once again (3 weeks shy of the date) have decided to go sorta big again. I know, I know, I need to plan better. I'm not inviting a ton of people, but family a few close family friends and a few fellow triplet families. I got lucky and found a rental place that still had a tent, tables and chairs available and possibly a bounce house for Nick and the bigger kids at the party. We are not doing a full meal but rather some hot appetisers and snack stuff. Next time I really need to be one top of things I have NEVER done a last minute party like this but thanks to my mom and my aunt it will be a great party.

I can't wait to go to my friend Nichelle's triplets party, they were born 5 day's before mine:) It should fun.


Nichelle said...

Hey last minute parties are the BEST!! I have been talking and talking about ours and FINALLY today finalized it!! Can't wait to see you guys there! We will be at your too!!

Marlene said...

Jill you will do fine. Yes, Mom and I are coming. Is there anything I can bring? I know how to make this great dip that my favorite cousin in law gave me ;-)
The kids look so cute with their hats on having a blast outside. I REALLY REALLY miss us doing our hang out thing. We will talk about it after you are done with the party. Especially now that they are bigger and can go and do more. Looking forward to the party and please let me know if I can bring anything or come help the day before or anything else you might need extra hands for.