Monday, July 27, 2009


Why we love Grandma.
She buys us LOT'S of stuff...
Birthday Parties,
We have free reign to crawl around her house,
She gives us lot's of hugs and kisses,
And most of all she is just the BEST Grandma in the world!!!
We Love you!!!
Love, Nicholas, Ell, Jackson & Cooper

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where is summer?!?!?!?!

Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE the cooler weather, but for the kids we need warm pool weather. The babies have been sleeping in onesies this summer, but the last few mornings they wake up cool. I'm loving the cool weather but can wait a few more months for fall. Summer please come back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just swinging

We went to the park on Monday with my friend Carly and her kids. They had a fountain and Nicholas had a blast in that, the baby boy's not so much. But Ella loved splashing in the water. After we went over to the playscape and the babies went for their first real swing.

Cooper on his first real swing

Ella swinging with Cooper

Jack enjoying the breeze

All the kids swinging


Nick & Owen on the caboose

1 year stats

Yesterday they had their 1 year well baby visit and all is good.
19lb 9oz (28%)
28 inches (25%)
19lb 5oz (7%)
28 1/2 inches (18%)
17lb 4oz
27 1/2 inches
He is not on the growth chart yet. We have to take him back in a month and a half to have his weight checked. He is going to stay on formula but she changed him to the next step formula, just till we get his weight checked. Then she said he will go to whole milk with carnaton instant breakfast added. But we will wait and see.
We made the switch to milk for the other two yesterday and the first bottle was not so good but the night bottle was better and this morning I think they were already used to it.

Choo Choo Wagon!!!

I have wanted this wagon since I found out I was having triplets. My mom was going to get it for them for their birthday but it was discontinued earlier this year and people are asking outrageous prices for used ones. You could get it for $150.00 plus shipping new and someone on ebay is asking over $800.00 for one, USED. That is highway robbery!!! Well every so often I check craigslist for one and last week there was one and close to home. We emailed back and forth until we agreed on a price and I told her I could pick it up Sunday, I had wanted to make sure we got enough money to cover the new car sets. Well we had VERY generous birthday gifts and we got the CHOO CHOO WAGON!!!

The babies loved the wagon ride. It was worth the money and the wait. I just had to order seat belts for it because my children can not be trusted to stay seated.

I had one umbrella already for another wagon Nick had gotten so I went out and got 2 more so each baby has some shade. I took that idea from a few others I have seen on other blogs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Party

Sorry it has taken me so long to update, but having a party and taking care of 4 kids takes a lot out of you. LOL So when I got up Saturday morning rain was on it's way and boy did it rain, we even got some hail. I had hung a rosary outside because that's what my mom has always done for parties and it has worked in the past. Well it was forcasted to rain until noon but it had stopped here by 10am so I had plenty of time to get the last minute stuff dome right? Not so much. I am always running behind and this was much worse than in the past. But it all came together and was a GREAT party thanks to all the help I got from my mom. Thanks mom!!! I had a major melt down when my mom had gotten here because the top of the cake fell off in the car on the way over. But it's just a cake and it was a beautiful cake anyways. Then I noticed only when looking at pictures the next day that they spelled Cooper's name wrong, they put Copper. Oh well. Almost everyone we invited came, even all of my triplet mom friends!!! We had 15 babies between 9 months and 15 months here (16 plus Chloe). Lot's of fun. It meant so much to me that they all came. We had rented a bounce house for Nick since he has been a great big brother over the last year and he loved it. Everyone was VERY generous, the babies made out good. They got 2 new car seats (thanks G.G., Grandma & Cho Cha), a bunch of cool toy's, lot's of fall/winter clothes, a ton of cash and gift cards. So much so that we have enough to get the third car seat, the bike seats to convert the stroller, a fall/winter wardrobe and had enough to get the infamous CHOO CHOO WAGON (look for a post on that later) Thank you to everyone who shared in our special day and has been there for us through out this last hectic year. We love you all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

ON NO!!!

Rain rain go way come again another day!!!
I sure hope the rain stops by 1pm so I can get everything outside set up for the party.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now & Then

Ella 7/8/09

Ella 7/8/08
4lb 1oz

Jackson 7/8/09

Jackson 7/8/08

Cooper 7/8/09

Cooper 7/8/08
2lb 10oz

I will update the 1 year stats Tuesday after the Dr appointment

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My babies made their way into the world 1 year ago today and
I have officially survived the first year with triplets. To be honest I don't know what is harder the three babies or Nicholas. LOL It's amazing to me how far we have come in a year. I now have three mobile babies, Ella is crawling all over the place, Jackson is starting to stand for just a few seconds without holding on to anything, I know he will be walking soon and I am not ready for that. Cooper is my mini tornado, he has been the smallest from the start but you would never guess it by how he acts. He thinks he is in the UFC, he gives black eyes and roughs the others up. LOL
Nicholas has been the BEST big brother to the babies. He loves them more than I could have ever imagined. He watched over them and protects them like he was the Dad. I know things won't stay so sweet and loving for ever, but I will always remember these day's. I was so worried about how he would act with the babies and I could not have asked for anything better.
Check back later for pictures and next week for pictures from the big 1st birthday party!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

Yesterday we had the privilege of being at Sydney, Ethan & Reaghan's
1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun, I think my babies enjoyed being
outside and being with other kids. Nicholas took right off and kept himself
busy playing with the other kids and eating cotton candy and popcorn.
Jackson having fun

Cooper was not so sure of Elmo at all

Nichelle and Reaghan
You survived the first year Nichelle and look great!!!

Ella & Reaghan

Sydney & Ella

Sydney and Ethan eating cake

Reaghan eating cake
We will do it all again next weekend for our party and I will try and get a picture of all the triplets, I think we are going to have 5 sets including us if everyone makes it.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In just a few short day's my babies will be 1 and I can say I have survived the first year. Today we had their one year pictures done and oh my gosh was it hard. Every session before they would stay put this time they were going in three separate directions. It was quite a work out! We all took a nap after that. Here are the preview pics that she sent me.

I Love this one

Here are some I took with my camera.

They liked being in the wagon so much I decided later in the day we would try a short walk in the wagon. I really wish we had a choo choo wagon but only for the seat belts. This wagon is great we just need to rig up some seat belts and we will be great! Jackson layed down almost the entire time, it was so cute he just smiled and giggled the entire time. We got caught in the rain on the way home and they LOVED it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them then.

My Urban Toddler

Ella, Jckson, Cooper, Jacob, Lillian, Gavan, Aiden, Brooklyn & Calahan

One of the multiples groups that I belong to the HOMMIES (all mom's of triplets and more) had a playdate at My Urban Toddler and it was a blast. There were 9 babies and 3 two year olds plus Nicholas. It was a cool place, we take Nick to the places that have huge climbers in them to burn off all of his energy but this place was an imaginitive play place. They had different cubbies with a pupet theater, kitchen, store, school room and more. And in the middle they had an inclosed area for infants. We were able to get a great picture of all 9 babies, I am still amazed. Everyone did great and I am ready to plan the next one.
Ella Bean

Big Jack

Mini Cooper

Gavan & Ella

Nick putting on a pupet show

Jacob & Jackson

Kristin & Krista

Lillian helpin Jack through the tunnel

Kristin took this pic of Jack and I love it

Gavan & Ella

Ella & Aiden

NICU Reunion

Last Sunday we went to the Holden NICU Reunion. I'm not sure what I expected it to be but it was nice. There was not a lot of staff there but we did see the head Dr. that took care of the babies and another Dr and a nurse who were very interested in our trio and the stroller. My friend Krista and her triplets were there and we got the kids all down on the blanket it was cute. I think Nicholas had the best time, they had a magician and he thought that was the coolest! Then we took Nick over to the splash park and he played for a while.

Jack showing off the black eye Cooper gave him

Jackson, Cooper & Ella

Lillian, Gavan & Jacob

Ella & Jack

Coop & Daddy

Nick and the magic bunny

Nick & his cool fishing poll with fish balloon