Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better late than never, Christmas part 2, 3 & 4

Gosh the holidays take a lot out of you. Christmas day was a mellow day at home and then Friday and Saturday we had family over. Friday Clyde's family came over and we had a nice evening. We had pizza and munchies and opened gifts. Thankfully everyone listened to me and loaded us u with gift cards or cash for the babies. Nick got a boat load of stuff and I think we all made out nice. Saturday afternoon my dad and his wife and my brother and his wife came over and once again we has a nice time, My dad and his wife gave the babies Clyde and I MasterCard gift cards:) And last but certainly not least my mom, aunt & grandma came over. More munchies some yummy cocktails and yet more gifts. Nicholas got a huge bean bag chair that he LOVES and Nick got this and the babies got this, way cool and Nick actually went to sleep in his own room last night thanks to it. My Mom and Aunt were VERY generous to Clyde and I. We got a gift card to Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort and have already made a reservation for 2 nights to get away, I can't wait!!!

So here we are on New Year's Eve. Clyde has to work but will hopefully be home at 10:30 so we can ring in the new year together and talk about what a year we had and hope that each year to come is filled with as much joy or more!!! This year my first baby will be 4!!! I can't even believe that and my precious babies will have a first birthday blowout!!! I can't believe they are almost 6 months old already. I hope everyone enjoys themselves tonight, but be safe.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Our Christmas was very low key, we stayed home and Clyde had to work. I was up at 7am to feed the babies and at 9am when Nick still was not up I decided I had better go wake them up so Nick had time to play with Dad before he had to go to work. When I went upstairs I said I think Santa was here and Nick flew out of bed, but instead of wanting to see if Santa left gifts, he had to go see if Santa ate the cookies and milk we left out for him. It was to cute. He then saw the presents and was so excited. We caved and got him the dog I said we were NOT getting him, but it was worth it, he LOVED it!!! We will be having two more day's of celebration so there will be lot's more pics to come. Today Clyde's family is coming over and Tomorrow my family will over. So Nick gets three day's of presents:)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Nights

Last night we went to our annual trip to Greenfield Village for the holiday nights and dinner at Eagle Tavern. If your not from the area Greenfield Village is part of the Henry Ford and a way cool place to visit in all the seasons. We went trick or treating there too. We have gone every year for several years with my mom, Aunt, brother and his wife. Clyde had to work this year and the babies were to little, so Clyde's mom and dad came over and watched them so Nick and I could go. It was freezing out but so much fun. We made a b line to the carousel first and Nick wanted to ride the rain deer, so I was glad it was free when we got to it. Then I gave him the choice of going to see Santa or going on a sleigh ride and he chose the sleigh ride. It was fun, we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed being together. We then went to dinner, it is a traditional 7 course meal by candlelight and the inn keeper has his speech he gives and there are singers performing throughout dinner. At the end they sing the 12 day's of Christmas and they give one day to a few tables and the entire place sings, it's fun. After dinner we waited around for a few for my favorite part of the night, fireworks in the snow. While we were waiting there were some funny looking characters walking by and I asked if I could take their picture with Nick. They were Mummers and we asked what they did and I guess they used to bother people in a good way to get food, drink or money. Thanks Mom, we had a great time.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pajama Day

Thursday at school was pajama and pancake day. It was a lot of fun and the kids even got a special visitor. I was to cute, when Santa left all the kids ran to the window to see Santa walk by and when they didn't see him the teacher said she thought Santa parked his sleigh on the roof.

Very funny

Someone posted this on a message board I go on and I thought it was very cute. But then when I thought of this 4 times over I think it gave me a headache. LOL

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Blog Frog

find your friends at

I thought this was sort of cool to find and keep in touch with people you went to high school with. Check it out. If you register and post about it on your blog now you have a change to win a $250.00 target gift card:)

Picture Tag

On a blog that I read she tagged everyone who reads her blog to do it:)

The object of the picture tag is to:

1) Choose the 4Th folder where you store your pictures on your computer

2) Select the 4Th picture in the folder

3) Explain the picture

4) Tag 4 people to do the same

NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

Here is mine!
This picture was taken on June 12, 2008 less than a month before the babies were born. Since we were not going on any grand vacations last summer we wanted Nicholas to have as much fun as possible before his world was turned upside down. We took him to the Turtle Cove Water Park for a day of fun in the sun. He had loved going to The Great Wolf Lodge, so we knew he would have a blast here. He was going down the slides all day having such a blast!!!
I tag Nichelle, Brenda, Ginny & Mary!!! And anyone else who wants to do it:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's official!!!

We have a roller!!! Jack did it, many, many times:) From back to tummy and once he gets over he gets really mad I think because he can't flip back yet. Well one down two to go.

Monday, December 8, 2008

5 Months

My precious miracles are 5 months old today. Sometimes it is so hard to believe that they have been here that long and other day's it seems much longer. They are each becoming such individuals and I love watching them develop into the little people they will become and to see them interact with each other brings a tear to my eye and melts my heart. I thank God for my all my kids every night but to know what other mom's have gone through with their higher order multiples I often find myself in tears holding on to one of the babies a little tighter. There is a mom who recently lost all three of her triplets and the straight he has is something I'm not sure I could find in her situation. I pray for her and her angels every night and kiss my angels here on earth an extra time for her. We have been blessed four times over and I can never say that enough.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Traditions

Well this I saw on my friend Ginny's blog and I thought it was to cute. I made a comment to her about where to get it but couldn't wait for a response so I googled it, The Elf On The Shelf. I called the local Hallmark to see if they had it and ran out to get one. The story is so sweet and I just hope it does the trick on keeping a certain little boy in line until Christmas. The Elf sits in your house watching the kids and at night goes back to the north poll to report to Santa the day's happenings, good or bad. Every morning the elf is in a new spot and the kids have to find him. The elf itself is a little creepy looking to me, but the idea and the story are precious. We have yet to name him because Nicholas is not home, but when you do you go to their web site and get to register him. I will update when he has a name.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Slide show and updates

Let's see, Nick has been sick for over a week and to the Dr. twice. He has been officially diagnosed with asthma. Poor guy, he has such bad nights but with the medication he seems to be doing better. All of the babies have the sniffles, but Ella seems to have it the worst and Clyde and I both have whatever is going around. So all in all this is not a fun house to be in. For some better news Jack rolled over the other night!!! No one saw him do it, he was just on his belly when I went to get him in the morning.

We had some fun taking pictures tonight, here is our photo shoot.

An only child for the night

On Tuesday night we took Nick to the mall to see santa and the Polar Express thing they had too. It was Nice, but not what we expected. Santa was cool, Nick just sat on his lap and rattled off his list. Santa told him he would do his best, but he couldn't promiss everything. That is a good thing because he wants a $190.00 dog and I didn't pay that much for my real dog. Nick and dad played in the play area while I tried to get some shopping done. We had a good time as our old family of three.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey and Christmas

Well Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. I am very fearful of RSV (probably a little to cautious) so we stayed home, Clyde had to work, so it was just me and the kids. Thanks to my mom we had a full turkey dinner. She got us dinner from the culinary arts program at Schoolcraft College so all I had to do was cook the turkey and warm up all the fixings. I must say that if you have NEVER made a turkey it's a little daunting but I did a great job and we had a beautiful golden bird:) I waited to make dinner till way later in the day so that Clyde would have a hot dinner and of course the turkey took longer than anticipated so we didn't eat till 11:30pm so I enjoyed the leftovers much better the next day.

So on to Christmas we go, our tree has been up for a few weeks because we were having pictures taken and I wanted a family picture with the tree in the back ground. The pictures turned out great, I just got to see them today!!! I can't wait to get them, if your interested in seeing them send me an email and I will send you the link. How different it is to put up a tree with 4 month old triplets and a 3 year old. It took me 8 days to get the tree up, lights on and decorated. I really need a Pre lit tree. I have gotten a few gifts but need to get many more. Clyde and I are going to take Nick to Great Lakes Crossing mall on Wednesday to try and get a few more gifts but more to see the Polar Express exhibit they have set up and just to spend a little time with just Nick. Here is some of the fun we had putting up the tree and the finished product.

A look from above, I can't wait to see all the gifts under the tree and 4 wild children tearing into them in a few short years.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well last week we tried Cereal for the first time and we had mixed reviews. Jack seemed to like it, but after a few spoonfuls he was done. Ella liked it but then decided she would rather eat her hand and Cooper wants nothing to do with it yet. My plans were to only try Jack first, but Ella was looking envious and then Cooper wanted in on the action. So we will try again soon. I need to stick with it after we try again, I know it will take a while to get used to it like it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Morning

Ella and I chatting this morning and Jack wanting to get in on the action. Cooper was snoozing so we will get him next time.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Funny Story

Ok so yesterday Nick and I went to the grocery store and when we were done I walked up to the car and opened the door (I had not locked the car because I was getting pop bottles out of the back and forgot) popped the trunk and put my purse on the seat. Nick climbed in and was goofing around and I said get in your seat, I told him twice and the second time he said he couldn't, his seat was not there. I was thinking who would steal a kids booster seat?!?!? Well I looked in the back and it was empty, it was not our car!!! It was a silver impala just like ours, but after I got nick out and closed the trunk and we moved once car over to our car I was in shock. It was a silver impala, but it was very shiny and clean unlike ours because we drive down dirt roads, but it had a spoiler on the trunk and ours does not and a very bright, obvious air freshener hanging from the mirror. I must have really been preoccupied.

On the way home we were listing to the radio and the traffic report came on and they said Masonic was closed somewhere and Nick had a fit that they closed Sonic. If you know us at all you know we love Sonic the restaurant and he was very upset. It was to funny.

When we got home I told Clyde what I had done and he just shook his head and laughed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Since Thanksgiving is next week it had made me think of all the things that I am thankful for. First and foremost if that we have 4 healthy children and especially the triplets. There were so many things that could have gone wrong from conception till now and we have only had tiny little issues, not a single major complication. Second is that Nicholas has accepted his new baby brothers and sister with the most love a little one can. There has never been a single sign of jealousy and he just loves them so much. And I am very thankful for my husband. It has not been all peaches and cream since the babies were born, but he has helped me a ton, given me time to myself I have been able to go out a few times and enjoy adult time. He has done feedings and diapers, been peed on and puked on and just let me cry and vent. I am very lucky to have him. And last but not least is all of our family and friends who have come to visit and offer support and on top of that have brought diapers, formula and other goodies for the babies. We are very grateful for all of it. And in the four short months that we have had 4 kids there have been several times that we have needed someone to watch one or more of the kids with short notice and my mom and aunt have always been there to help. Clyde's mom has also helped with that and she has been here to watch the kids so Clyde and I could have a few hours alone to go out to dinner and just breath. We are very blessed and thankful for you all!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 Month Update

Well we went to the Dr on Tuesday for the babies 4 month appointment and we are growing some big babies. Ella is 11lb 2oz and 22 & 1/2 inches long, Jackson is 12lb 10oz and 23 inches long and Cooper is 10lb 2oz and 22 inches long. Everyone is doing well and is on track for their adjusted age or a little ahead:) We got the ok to start cereal as soon as they hold their heads up a little better, Jack will probably be ready in a week or two and the other two are not far behind. Ella has been referred to a specialist to check her head. The flat side is starting to affect the forehead. Our Dr said they might not even be concerned yet, but better to be safe and get her checked early. The Dr also said if Cooper is not at lest trying to roll over at the 6 month appt she might refer us to a developmental specialist just to be checked and maybe get one physical therapy. So everyone is doing well and she was very happy with their progress.

We had to take Nick to the ER yesterday. On Wednesday he was complaining that his leg hurt and was limping and that turned into a full blown event because he was in so much pain. He was crying and limping and did not want to walk. By the time Clyde got home from work Nick had fallen asleep and seemed peaceful so we let him be. When he woke up yesterday he wanted to be carried down the stairs and was still limping and said it hurt so we just took him to the hospital to make sure all was well. He got a few x-ray's and an all clear. It must have been a pulled muscle or pinched nerve or something. I kept him home from school today just to make sure he was ok and he is back to his rambunctious self.

Here are some pictures I took Monday night to mark the 4Th month for the babies.

They all wont fit in the same crib for long

My three peas

Clode up of Cooper

Close up of Jackson

Close up of Ella My trio

My gang

Brothers, they don't even lok like they belong together.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

4 Months

Our babies were 4 months old yesterday, I can hardly believe it. They have grown by leaps and bounds and are becoming such little people. Most everyone who sees them comments on how good they look and you would never believe that they were born 7 weeks early. They go to the Dr on Tuesday, but I would guess Jackson is close to 13 pounds if not more. He is the big boy of the group, he eats 6oz of formula every 4ish hours and is in 3-6 month clothes, size 1-2 diapers and thankfully sleeps through the night. He is a laid back kid unless something is bothering him. He does not like to have dirty pants and will let you know ASAP he needs fixing. Jackson looks to me like a carbon copy of Nicholas when he was little, he has the cradle cap and ruddy skin. I just hope he doesn't have the same food allergies as Nick does. Ella is the dainty princess, I would guess she weighs 11 or so pounds. She takes 5oz of formula ever 3-4 hours and is in 0-3 month clothes, size 1 or 1-2 diapers and she also sleeps through the night. She loves her bouncy seat and loves to smile and tug at daddy's heart strings already. And little Cooper is probably close to 11 pounds too. He takes 4-5oz of formula every 3-4 hours and is in 0-3 month clothes,size 1 or 1-2 diapers and sleeps through the night. That's right all three sleep 10 to 12 hours at night and that makes for a happier mommy:) Cooper is the most laid back of the three, he will wait his turn patiently and just like to look around and take it all in. He will let you know when he has had it and wants it to be his turn. He looks and acts most like his daddy.

My Brother got married last night and it was a nice wedding, but more importantly for me was Clyde and I had a night out and a good time. I had my hair and make up done (thanks Mom) and I felt like I looked like a million dollars. I saw some family I had not seen since my wedding almost 5 years ago and visited with great friends. My Aunt Donna and I cut a rug and had a blast!! Clyde's mom, aunt and cousin watched the kids and I was able to have a good time knowing that there were 3 people here, one for each baby (thanks Marlene).

I will post some pics of the babies later in the week with and update of the stats from their appointment.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Much Better Day

Just a quick note to say we had a good day. Lot's of smiles and coos. I just hope they keep up their good moods so I can relax and have a nice time at my brothers wedding:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holy Crying Fit

This by far has been the most trying day for me since the babies were born. I had been trying to get the house cleaned up because my brother is getting married this weekend and Clyde's mom, Aunt & cousin are going to be here to watch the babies. I was fighting with the vacume cleaner, Nick was fighting with me because he couldn't hear the TV and the babies were fussing. This was at 3:00 this afternoon, the fussing moved on to crying and the crying moved onto full blown screaming. I fed them, burped them, changed them, rocked them. Nothing. Still upset babies. I repeated the previous steps and Just now at 8:13pm has the crying stoped. (I can still hear it) I have such a head ache and now smell like puke. I think Ella had so much air in her belly from crying that she just spewed all over me, her and the couch. Well Off to clean us up and try to get some more of the house cleaned up. I need some Motrin.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We have had a great fall so far. On Thursday we took Nick to his halloween party at school and he had so much fun. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed up.

Hallowwen night was great, it was nice to have such nice weather. I took Nick first and we went with my friends Steve and Carly and their son Owen, it was fun. When we got back around to our house Clyde took Nick back out and I stayed home and tended to the babies and handed out candy. Carly came back over so we could take pictures of the girls together and I had to get a shot of all four babies too. Nick had fun trick or treating, but I think he likes handing out the candy better. When the night was winding down he would go down to the sidewalk and call for more kids, it was very cute. Here is a slide show of our evening.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our new baby

I saw this on another blog and wanted to see what our baby "should" look like. I guess we will have to wait and see if anyone turns out like this. LOL
Here is the website if you want to see what your baby "should" look like.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pretty Girl

Sleeping beauty

Nick and Ella

What a ham

Pretty girl

I just had to show Ella off in her cute new bows. My friend Ginny from Georgia got these for her girls and I had to have some. I was going to order them and then my mom called and asked if I liked them and when I said yes she had an order in the same day. Gotta love Grandmas:) The are very southern, but I think in a former life she may have been a southern belle. They are even better in person and are very reasonable. If anyone wants the info let me know.
We have a lot to catch up on, a few weeks ago Nick and I went on a field trip to the dairy farm and had a great time. They have about 100 cows and produce 1100 gallons of milk every 2 days. The milk the have goes to kroger so we may all be drinking some.

That same weekend we went to Backyardigans live with Aunt Donna. Nick go treated like a king, Aunt Donna got him a hat, t shit and light up want, not to mention the snow cone and after we had some sonic. Here is a picture of Nick showing off all of his goodies.

We came home yesterday from the hospital and I was pooped!!! I took a shower had a bite to eat and took a little nap before Nick and I were off to trick or treat at Greenfield Village. It was cold but a ton of fun! Nick has Bobo the bear from school so we had to take him with us and get some pictures so we can share them with his class.

Cooper came home from the hospital yesterday and all is well. I hope we are done with hospitals for a LONG time. On the bright side of the hospital visit there was a floor host who stocks the room with sheets, gowns, diapers and stuff you need while you are there. Well when she found out we had triplets she stocked the room. She said she was "playing dumb" on how long he was going to be there. Anything in the room that is not used has to be thrown out so she put a case of 2oz ready to feed formula and 4 packs of diapers in the room. So we got a few day's of formula and 80 diapers out of the stay. And she gave us 3 knited blankets, very sweet. She kept saying she would leave us alone and not come back and I told here as long as she was bringing gifts she could come back any time. The nurses loved Cooper, he was on the pediatric cancer floor so they don't get many healthy tiny babies on the floor. I went to go get something to eat and the evening nurse asked if she could take him for a walk and "show" him off. I guess he was a ladies man and the hit of the floor. Well off to feed the babies and then off to bed for them.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cooper's Surgery

Cooper had his surgery this morning and all is well. We got here at 6:30am and the surgery was done and we were in a room by 10am. Clyde stayed most of the day with me and now I get a little quiet time. Clyde has gone home to take care of the other kids and try to get some rest. My wonderful mom came to watch the kids at 5am and got relieved by Clyde's mom so she could get a much deserved break and keep her plans for the evening. I will post more over the weekend and some super cute pics my mom took today.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

We had a fun weekend. On Saturday evening my Aunt Donna took Nick and I to see Backyardigans Live. It was so much fun and Nick LOVED it. I wanted to post pictures, but they didn't allow cameras in:( Nicholas was spoiled rotten but Aunt Donna who got him a t shirt, hat and light up wand oh and a snow cone, so he was happy as can be. When we got up this morning he couldn't wait to tell his dad all about it and show off all of his goodies. All in all a good time was had. If you are a fan of the show "Were knights that's right!!!"


Dear Family and Friends,

We’re writing regarding a very important matter: RSV. For those of you who plan to visit us over the next few months, and even if you are not, please takea few minutes to read this letter.We want to start by saying thank you for the outpouring of support we havereceived from everyone. So many people have done so much for us, (making meals and gifts of love) and every bit of help we have received truly is appreciated. We are experiencing the biggest challenge of our lives, and we’re lucky to be surrounded by so many family members and friends who have shown us so much love and support.We’d also like to share an important topic that we recently discussed with our babies’ pediatrician. If you are not aware of RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, you are among the majority. Most people have not heard of RSV, even though nearly every child has had the virus by age two. For full-term babies, RSV typically is not any worse than a common cold, but for preemies, the virus can be quite different. Babies born earlier than 36 weeks are at the highest risk for serious complications like pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and other sometimes fatal complications. Our babies were born premature, are multiples, and had low birth weights; these are among the highest risk factors for contracting RSV and developing serious complications. This website offers a great visual comparison of apreemie’s lungs compared to the lungs of a full-term baby: Preventing the spread of RSV is very difficult. Thus, we must be vigilant about keeping our children safe during RSV season (October through April). The virus is spread through physical contact, in the air via a cough or sneeze, or by touching an infected object. The virus can live as long as six hours on hands and up to twelve hours on objects, and it spreads very easily, especially from child to child. Studies have also shown that infants pose aneven higher risk of spreading RSV to others.You may ask, “Can’t they fight it off and build up their immune system? Kids need to get sick, right?” The simple answer is NO. Since our babies were pre-term, they did not acquire the necessary immunities to fight off infection.If they contract RSV, they could be hospitalized and develop serious complications.We’ll be asking our visitors to follow a few guidelines to help prevent the babies from contracting RSV or any other illness.We ask that all visitors do the following:
1. When you arrive, please wash your hands and use hand-sanitizer as needed before touching the babies.
2. Please, if it is possible, get a flu shot.
3. Please refrain from coming over if you are currently sick and have not been symptom-free for at least 5days, if you live with someone who is sick, or have been in close contact with someone who is sick.
4. If you smoke, we ask that you change your clothing and refrain from smoking prior to visiting, as apreemie’s lungs are very sensitive to smoke. Most RSV sites recommend against passive smokeexposure.
5. If you are parents to a baby or toddler, please refrain from bringing them to our house during RSVseason.
Please understand that this letter is not meant to offend anyone, just simply to provide an explanation. We hope you understand, and we appreciate your help keeping our babies safe.

Love and best wishes to all!
The Family of much loved preemies

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Five Minutes

It only took me five minutes to get some free stuff. There was a coupon in the Sunday paper for $1.00 off formula, but it was on the larger cans. I called similac and said that I had seen the coupon and that the formula my TRIPLETS were on only comes in the small cans. The lady on the phone was very excited for me and asked me a million questions. After our conversation she said she was sending out 3 cans of formula and some $3.00 off coupons. Bonus!!! I'm so glad I took the five minutes to call instead of being mad that they do stupid stuff like NEVER putting a coupon in the paper for the smaller cans.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Friends

We have some great friends:) Sharon who I used to work with come by last week for a quick visit and brought us home made chocolate chip cookies (YUMMY ;P) and the best part 2 cans of formula and a case of diapers!!! And then on Saturday our neighbors Shanda and Steve left a case of formula on the porch!!! I can't say thank you enough to them, the smallest contribution makes a HUGE difference in our lives. Sharon was able to stay for a minute to see the family and Shanda and her boy's stayed for some cuddle time with Ella, she was the only one still awake. I just wanted to say a quick thank you and give big hugs!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Charlies

Well we took our annual trip to Apple Charlies with my brother in law and his family and it was fun as always:) It was quite a time with the babies, I could have made some money had I charged $1.00 for everyone who wanted to take a peek or ask a question. I guess
I don't blame them, but we were just like any other family our for a nice afternoon with our kids. I wonder when the novilty will wear off? We did run into another set of triplets and they were 7, so I know it can be done. LOL Their Granmother said their mom survived and I felt better. LOL Well it was packed probably because it was such a nice day. We got a pumpkin, but not the best so we will have to venture out to get another one but it was FUN!!! Here is a little slide show of our fun.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Three Months A Day Late

I can't even believe that our babies have been here for three months!!! They are getting so big and turning into little people. They each have their own little personalities and we could not be happier. Nicholas started floor hockey yesterday and had fun. I think it's really important for him to have his own things to do so he doesn't feel left out since we are incredibly busy with the babies. The reason this post is a day late is because I was in the emergency room most of last night. I was having really bad abdominal pain and decided I should be seen instead of suffering and I need to feel better so I can take care of my babies. Well I'm glad I went because I have an infection in my intestines. I have to be on 2 antibiotics for 10 days, but they said I should be feeling better in a few day's. I sure hope so, Clyde stayed home yesterday and today to help me with the babies because I'm in a lot of pain. I will post some pictures later:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Well this weekend started off with a trip to the Dr for Cooper and Jackson to have their follow up from surgery and My suspicions were confirmed and Cooper has to have surgery again. He will be having it on the 24th. I know everything will be fine, but it just gives me 3 weeks to worry about it. We have had lots of visitors over the past few day's. My friend Joy and her daughter came over Thursday night, My dad and his wife came over Saturday and later that day Clyde's cousins and Aunt came over for a really nice visit. My brother in law and his wife came by and picked up Nick so he could go to a birthday party on Sunday. I think that's the most visitors we have had since we have been home. It's so nice to have an adult to talk to, especially when they want to talk about other stuff than just the babies. Today was a beautiful day and nice and quiet:) Nick didn't get home until after 5pm and when he did get home he was really good, he must have been tired. I will post some pics in the next few day's. I can't believe that my babies are going to be three months old on Wednesday!!! I'm still so tired and I fear that I will be for the next 18 years. LOL

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo shoot

Well the babies and Nick had their first photo shoot together today and what a work out. I can't wait for the proofs to be ready, the few shots that I saw came out soooooo good. My mom got Ella the cutest tutu and she looked like a little princess. The boy's were cute too, but Ella was all about the camera. She was wide eyed and ready for her photo op. The boy's on the other hand were either crying or sleeping. We got great shots of all the babies and all the babies with Nick. The photographers were great and it sounds like they have some great ideas for these pictures and for future sessions. My mom and Aunt Donna came over to help and I could not have done it without them. I am so tired from the outfit changes and baby shuffling and stuff. I have a month or so to recover from this, because we are getting holiday pics done in November. I will post the link to the pics when I get them. I can't wait to show off my beautiful babies!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting updates

For those of you who followed my first blog and got email updates when
I sent out a new blog, you need to subscribe to this blog if you still want that, it won't happen like before unless you do. On the right of the screen there is a little box that you put your email address in. Happy reading:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


One can only hope!!!
So true

Whitout a doubt!

A New Home

Well I have decided to move my blog here so that I can do more things, like post videos and slideshows and some other cool things my fellow bloggers have on their pages. Make sure you check back often because it won't send you an email like my old blog did everytime I have a new post. We have an exciting month in our house with a million picture opps, of course halloween, and a few cool things going on at Nick's school and Nick is going to see a live stage show of one of his favorite t.v. shows, so we will have lot's to share:)