Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Fun

Yesterday we had some Summer fun with our friends. We were going to go to a local water fountain and splash around but it was not turned on so we went to Miss Carly's house and the big boy's had fun in the pool and the little ones had fun with the water table. Except Cooper, he wanted nothing to do with it, he was happy to be with mom. Jackson LOVED it, I think he stood at the water tabled and played for almost an hour. The pictures are in reverse order, I am to lazy today to fix them :)Nick, Chloe & Owen

Nick & Chloe



Jack lost his balance and fell into the grass and was not so sure about it


My water baby

Nick and Owen warming up

The big boy's having fun

Big Jack

Pretty Ella Beans

Chloe, Ella, Jackson and cooper in the back

Best friends :)

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