Sunday, May 31, 2009


The older the babies get the more tired I get. That doesn't seem right, you would think it would get easier and it has in some way's. But I feel most day's like I did in the beginning. I don't know if it is because in addition to the triplets I have Nicholas to take care of and entertain. I have no idea how those of you out there with more than one older child do it. I get up most day's at 7am and by the time I put the babies down at 7/7:30pm I have had it, any idea's I had to clean up the house or do laundry is done. And even if I do have an ounce of energy left then Nick wants me to lay down with him and that is not good, I don't get back up till I hear Clyde getting home from work around 7am. I KNOW things will get better, but this teething sucks!!! At least in the early day's when all three were crying I knew when I fed them they were happy for another 3 hours, now I have done everything, feed them, change them, give Tylenol and oragel, nothing helps and I can't stand that teething cry from all three for hours at a time. I break down and have my mini freak out and then I look at their sweet faces and thank God for all of it. I would not change things for a million dollars, although I could use a million dollars. Just kidding :)

So the last few weeks have been busy around here, Nicholas had his last day of school on the 21st. The teacher had made a DVD with pictures from the entire year on it and showed it in class and I was fighting back tears, not wanting to look like the emotional wreck that I am only to look up after and see ALL the mom's wiping tears away. It was really a sweet video and she made one for each of the kids that Nicholas had watched hundreds of times. I think the novelty has worn off and that's a good thing. We we are officially on summer vacation!!! Nicholas has T-Ball through June and then we will see what's next.

Nick and his class on the last day

Nick and Katie (one of his many girlfriends)

Abby, Breanne & Nick (more girlfriends)

Nick and his teacher Mrs. B

We made our first trip of the summer to the cottage where I spent many a summers and I have some great memories of and can not wait for my kids to make their own. My babies are officially world travelers. Check Canada off the list. LOL This was my first BIG outing with all 4 kids by myself and it went well. I had lots of help from my cousins' girls when we got there, but I had the drive and border crossing all alone and we survived:) I got up at 6am to leave the house by 10am, I may not sleep the night before we go on vacation since I plan on being out of the house by 8am. LOL

Jackson with his feet in the sand
Grandpa, Jack & Nick fixin stuff

Emily feeding Cooper

Abby feeding Jackson

Ella maxin and relaxin in the fresh air

Nick in the freezing surf

Our family vacation is quickly approaching and we are all very excited. I'm going to take my computer so I may post some updates while we are gone?

And now for some random cuteness:)

Ella chomping some puffs

Jack after some dinner

Cooper enjoying some time outside in the superyard

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well yesterday was a big day for the babies, the boy's got their first hair cuts and Ella got her ears pierced. My mom went with me and we had an action packed day. First the we went to Snip its to get the boy's hair cut and they did so good, SOOOO much better than Nicholas ever did. Cooper was not so sure about what was going on but he did good and Jackson was all about the attention, he loved it. I think he will be my metrosexual. LOL Then we went to Trader Joe's to do a little shopping and caused a traffic jam in the store. It's not very big and I had them in the triple stroller and had lots of stares and questions and had a few mom's stop me. Then we made a pit stop to visit Aunt Donna since she as been and will be traveling a lot and misses the babies like crazy. Then to mall to get little miss her earrings. She did so great, there were some tears, but the were dried up very quick and she was a giggly girl again. Once again lots of stares and questions at the mall. Then what was supposed to be a quick visit to GG's (great grandma) but we were there almost 2 hours!! GG enjoyed the babies, so it was worth it :) Then back to grandma's for a bit of down time and then home again. was a long day.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playoff Hockey

Lets go Red Wings!!!
Clyde is at the game tonight, how exciting to be at a playoff game 7 :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is really getting hard to update the blog with the babies getting bigger and spending lot's of time playing with them and Nicholas having activities to get to and not to mention the million Dr appointments, and don't forget the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and on a good day I get to take a shower. Whew, no wonder I'm ready for bed at 7:30 when the babies go to bed. LOL

The boy's went for their head ultrasounds on Friday and it went great we were in and out in about a half an hour and the Dr called me on Monday and said that everything is normal. I guess my boy's just have lot's of brains, let's hope for scholarships in the future :)

This Monday Ella had her 2nd physical therapy appointment and she is doing WONDERFUL!!! She is sitting for extended period of time and pretty much straight up. This last Monday they put kenisio tape on her back and belly and I think that make a world of difference. Her therapist seems to think we will not be with her long and by the looks of things I would have to agree.

Nicholas started t-ball on Friday and had a blast! He did great, but he thinks he hits a home run every time and runs all the bases. LOL Tigers here he come:)

Mothers day was very low key. Clyde got held over at work, so he slept most of the day which meant no rest for me:( I got a cute card and some tulips and something that is still to come. On Thursday at Nick's school they had a Mother's Day thing and it was so cute. I took a video of it on my phone but it won't let me send it to my email to share:( But it was cute, the teacher had a sheet of paper with a bunch of questions about mom and she wrote down what they said I put his answers in italic.

My mom's name is Momma
She has just black like mine hair and sorta like mine eyes
She prefers to um, she just like to watch tv
Her favorite food is shrimp
She like to watch um, she just likes to watch girl shows
Pink is her best color
I love my mommy because she does nice stuff for me
What would you like to give her for mother's day? I'd love to giver her a heart

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Updating the blog these day's is getting harder and harder the more active the kids get. So Ella had her appointment at U of M last Thursday and they said she looks great, she just has low trunk and facial tone so physical therapy should help. We go back in 6 months for a follow up unless her therapist doesn't see marked improvement in a few months. We had our first physical therapy session on Monday and is was good. Barb is Ella's therapist and she said in a few months Ella will be all over the place. We already got some home work, I had to go out and get a swimming inner tube and Ella has to practice sitting in it so she can learn to use her own muscles to correct herself when she falls or leans to one side. So we will be going one a week and see how things progress.

I have been wanting to get a Superyard for some time and now that the boy's are mobile I needed to get something to keep them corralled for a bit. I had been searching craigslist and my multiples gropus to find one and I had a few I had seen but they wanted to much or were to far away. I finally got one and I LOVE it!!! I really thought that I needed to get one extension panel to make it just a bit bigger for the tree of them to be in at the same time, so I was looking on craigslist yesterday morning and low and behold someone posted a superyard plus one extension and the sun shade for cheap. she dais it was in very used condition (lot's of scrapes and scratches) but I figured I could pick out the best 2 panels to add to the one in the house and then have one just for outside, plus a sun shade. I can't wait to get it tomorrow. The woman called me once I told her I had triplets to make sure I understood the condition of it, she didn't want me to get out there and then be disappointed in the condition. We ended up talking for some time, she has twins so we were trading stories. LOL I also ordered a sun shade so now I will have 2 but that's ok in case I need to use both yards outside or I can try and put one on each side of the superyard since we have NO shade in our yard or at the beach:)