Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I have not fallen off the face of the earth

I promise I did not fall off the face of the earth. We have just been busy settling in and living life. Nicholas started school last Wednesday and he LOVES it. The teachers were laughing at us today when I dropped him off. He was so excited to get into class that when I asked him for a kiss he kissed the air instead of me and RAN into class. LOL Nicholas on his first day.

As for the little ones, all is well. We officially have a walker!!! JACKSON takes first prize as in everything else so far. LOL It is so weird to see him walking. Ella and Cooper are not far behind. Cooper had been taking 3-4 steps so I give it another week or so. Miss Ella is just cautious, I think she can secretly walk she just doesn't want to. The kids LOVE the bounce and spin zebra and fight over who gets to ride. Now that Jack can get on by himself he wins if we are not right there.

Don't let the face fool you, he LOVES it!!!

He will draw blood to get a ride.

Little miss happy.
I will try really hard to update more often. It's amazing how busy life gets. We will have a lot of outings between now and the end of the year so lot's to blog about.

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the logan crew said...

Yeah! So glad to see your back :-) Send me your Thanks, hope all is well. Congrats on the walker! Now the fun really begins...