Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just checking in

Hello, I know the posts are few and far between, but as many of you know life with 15 month old triplets plus a 4 year old can be a little hectic. We have just been going on with life, Nick has school three day's a week and the rest gets busy with this, that and the other.

Last weekend we went to the Logan triplet's first birthday party, it was a lot of fun!!! My mom went with me so I was not alone with all 4. It was at a farm and was super cool, we will be return visitors for sure!!

The weekend before that we my mom and I took the kids to greenfield village for the farmers market and ended up spending most of the day there. When we got in the car it was 4:00 we had spent 5 hours there and everyone was super good. We drew a lot of attention and when we were in the farmers market Nicholas told a lady that we had 5 babies not 3!!! He thinks that him and his cat are the 2 extra. LOL I was quick to correct him as she looked around for the other 2.

Other than that all is well. Just getting ready for Halloween and then the holiday's. Clyde started afternoons today and all three little one's have snotty nose's. I will try and add some pictures soon.

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Nichelle said...

Yeah your back! Post some pics! It was nice to see you at the party! now lets set up a play date over here SOON!?!