Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Well we have lot's to catch up on. Sunday was Nick's 4th bithday and the big party. It was a lot of fun, Nick had a great time and got lot's of love and presents. It was a puppy dog theme and my mom made the cupcakes and they were AWSOME!!! We just did cake and presents and that was enough for us, we were tired when all was said and done

Jackson had not been feeling well most of the morning on Sunday but seemed comtent being held and fussed over by all the party guests. He woke up at 8am and had his bottle and would not eat anything else untill around 5pm and by then his cough was much worse and he had a runny nose and then he started wheezing. He was very cranky and had not slept ALL day. I called the Dr because of the wheezing and they wanted him to be seen in the ER. So at 8pm my inlaws came back (they had just left a few hours before from the party) so Clyde and I could take Jack to the ER. When we got there he seemed better and I felt like an idiot for going but before we were even seen he started coughing and wheezing bad. He was working really hard to breath, his chest was sinking in and he was just plain missersable. When he was seen by the Dr they decided to give him a breathing treatment and test him for RSV and the flu. Both of those tests came back negitive thank God!! After he had the breathing treatment he was like himself again. So we were sent home and told to see our primamry Dr in the morning. We didn't get home till 1am and my mother in law had to get up for work at 6am. Thanks for the help Selma, I know it must have been hard going to work on such little sleep. I took him to the Dr first thing in the morning and they said he had a virus that mimics RSV and he is on breathing treatment every 4 hours for 3 day's. He is doing much better today. Then after I go homw from the Dr with Jack we left for Kalahari and we had a BLAST. It was so fun and I recomend anyone with kids to make a trip there. It was a huge water park plus a huge arcade, a play scape and mini golf, they had tons of resturants and shopping. We are going to go back once it warms up because the outside part looked just as much fun. I droped my camera at last night and it broke:( I was able to get my pics off so that is good, but there will no new pics untill I get a new camera. I will probably go get one in the next few day's.

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Joy said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had a fun time at the party and Kalahari. Sorry to hear Jackson has been sick. Hope he feels all better soon!