Sunday, March 15, 2009


Not much has been going on in the Mason house, Nicholas went for his 4 year check up last week and all is well. He weighed 36 pounds and was 39 3/4" tall, she said his weight was average and his height was just below average. So all in all is was good to go. He was not happy with me though, I had told him he was getting one shot and I think he was ok with that, but when the nurse came in he had to get 3. He cried and said it hurt, but he did really well. A little cranky after, he slept all the way home but bounced back quickly:) I asked the Dr while I was there about some concerns I had with Ella, so I am going to take her in this Thursday to be looked at and possibly refered to a developmental specialist at U of M. I'm just concerned that she is not where the boy's are with a few things.

Not much going on the next week, just looking forward to the 65 degree weather that is going to be here on Tuesday. We will be outside for sure!!! Here are a few random pics from the last week.


Krista said...

Jill, If you are having any developmental concerns at all about Ella, I strongly recommend you call 1-800-Early-On. This is Michigan's program for Early Intervention for kids from Birth-3yo and they will do a developmental assessment in your own home for free. If they determine that she is indeed behind what she should be (based on her adjusted age), they will design a therapy program for her (usually in your own home so you don't have to drag her out all the time). They are also much quicker to respond than UM (which can take months to get into their developmental specialists) and are a great resource. Just a thought. Best of luck to you.

Nichelle said...

Hey love the slide shows...I gotta keep up on that! Anyways no worries about Ella, i always thought boys were more developmental than girls....but Ethan is much more so than both my girls?!? Let me know how it goes though. I worry about Reaghan....she's not up on all 4's or even sitting up...its hard with three you have them to compare!!!
No i didn't make the dinner...still feeling crappy!:-(

Mar said...

Hearing a baby laugh is so soothing! Just brings a smile to your face. Thanks for making me smile today. Peanut is grown so big! The weather is breaking and now we can get some fresh air and play outside. Hope to see you soon.