Monday, April 20, 2009

9 Month Pictures

Here are some of the preview pictures that I got of the babies photo shoot yesterday and i LOVE them. I was a little worries about getting smiles because the were a cranky as we had to do it a later in the day than normal. But we got some great ones!!!
Ella in her Easter dress Flower child

Pretty girl

Jack in the wash tub

Play ball

Jackson in his Easter outfit

Such a big boy


Cooper in the wash tub


Nichelle said...

too cute! Did you have that lady come to your house again? Gotta love that!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Yes, they are the best!! They are doing a show and got a large canvas pic of the babies to display. She said if I ordered it it would be $250 and when the show is over she will sell it to me for $30. Gotta live that!

the logan crew said...

GREAT pictures! The kids look so cute and grown up :-}


Krista said...

Gorgeous pics! and Happy #33 to you!