Monday, April 13, 2009

Long time

ETA: A new slide show has been added at the bottom from the last few weeks. More pictures to come I promiss:)

I didn't realize that is has been over two weeks since my last post. I can't even remember what was going on two weeks ago, but for the last week + we have had a house full of sickness. It all started with Clyde and moved to Nick then me and then the baby boy's and then miss Ella. Nicholas was running a high fever and was throwing up last Sunday and Monday and then had and still has a junky cough and runny nose, the baby boy's were running fevers and had the cough and runny nose. I took them to the Dr and they both had ear infections. Saturday Jack was still running a 102/103 fever and the Dr wanted him to be seen so off to the ER we went and when we got there is oxygen level was 86% so they gave him 2 breathing treatments and a steroid injection. They said his ear looked better so he must have picked up something else in our sick house and they changed his antibiotic. Yesterday he was fever free and today seems to be a bit more like himself:) Ella was running a low grade fever and had a clear runny nose. Momma had a sore throat and then the cough and nose issues and daddy had/has pneumonia. Whew.... I'm not sure if daddy got us all sick or the first outing that we have had since October. A week ago Saturday we took all the kids to an Easter egg hunt. It was fun and nice to get out, but the sickness started the next day. Oh well, we will try and go out again sometime soon.

Nicholas missed school and his sports class last week and I felt so bad for him so I took him to the marshmallow drop in Elizabeth park on Friday and OMG!!! I will never do that again. He liked the helicopter and the cheap little coloring book they gave away so I guess it was worth it. It was cold and muddy and there were a thousand people or more, it was a mad house.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. The Easter bunny brought Nicholas a bunch of stuff and the babies sun hats and sun glasses. Clyde took Nick to his parents for a bit and then I took him to my mom's for a bit. The little ones stayed home:( We were supposed to go to my Dad's but had to cancel. Maybe we will get together next weekend because rumor has it that the Easter bunny made a stop there also. They will have to bring the loot over here.

Early On is coming out on Wednesday to see Ella so I hope that turns out well.

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the logan crew said...

Yikes! Glad to hear everyone is doing better. Makes you realize you have a BIG family when it takes a few weeks to spread the germs :-) Enjoy your belated Easter and post some pics!