Thursday, November 13, 2008

4 Month Update

Well we went to the Dr on Tuesday for the babies 4 month appointment and we are growing some big babies. Ella is 11lb 2oz and 22 & 1/2 inches long, Jackson is 12lb 10oz and 23 inches long and Cooper is 10lb 2oz and 22 inches long. Everyone is doing well and is on track for their adjusted age or a little ahead:) We got the ok to start cereal as soon as they hold their heads up a little better, Jack will probably be ready in a week or two and the other two are not far behind. Ella has been referred to a specialist to check her head. The flat side is starting to affect the forehead. Our Dr said they might not even be concerned yet, but better to be safe and get her checked early. The Dr also said if Cooper is not at lest trying to roll over at the 6 month appt she might refer us to a developmental specialist just to be checked and maybe get one physical therapy. So everyone is doing well and she was very happy with their progress.

We had to take Nick to the ER yesterday. On Wednesday he was complaining that his leg hurt and was limping and that turned into a full blown event because he was in so much pain. He was crying and limping and did not want to walk. By the time Clyde got home from work Nick had fallen asleep and seemed peaceful so we let him be. When he woke up yesterday he wanted to be carried down the stairs and was still limping and said it hurt so we just took him to the hospital to make sure all was well. He got a few x-ray's and an all clear. It must have been a pulled muscle or pinched nerve or something. I kept him home from school today just to make sure he was ok and he is back to his rambunctious self.

Here are some pictures I took Monday night to mark the 4Th month for the babies.

They all wont fit in the same crib for long

My three peas

Clode up of Cooper

Close up of Jackson

Close up of Ella My trio

My gang

Brothers, they don't even lok like they belong together.


Jen said...

Too cute!

Marlene said...

You didnt tell me about Nick when we were talking yesterday. I am glad he is ok....Dean Jr. used to have that also...He would even wake up in the middle of the night screaming that his leg hurt....Took him to the Dr. also. They could not find anything and chalked it up to growing "pains". Still, it is something that you absolutely want to get checked....You did the right thing. (Cause your such a good Mama) If the Dr. thinks within a couple months Cooper will be rolling over, I guess it will not be long before they are all on the GO. Now THAT will be a site to see. I am so looking forward to their birthday and next summer, when they will be walking all over the place and into everything! Oh it will be so much fun! Enjoyed our conversation yesterday. Remember to take time for yourself too!

Nichelle said...

Good job on the growers! Mine are all about the same in weight. Let me know what the physical therapist says about Ella's head, I think Sydney & Ethan need to see one SOON!!? I think your Jackson and Nick look more alike than Cooper, crazy! Ella is soo darn cute....tell her to hold off for Ethan, when their about 30!!!!
Glad Nick is OK!! Poor kid,growing pains