Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey and Christmas

Well Thanksgiving was nice and quiet. I am very fearful of RSV (probably a little to cautious) so we stayed home, Clyde had to work, so it was just me and the kids. Thanks to my mom we had a full turkey dinner. She got us dinner from the culinary arts program at Schoolcraft College so all I had to do was cook the turkey and warm up all the fixings. I must say that if you have NEVER made a turkey it's a little daunting but I did a great job and we had a beautiful golden bird:) I waited to make dinner till way later in the day so that Clyde would have a hot dinner and of course the turkey took longer than anticipated so we didn't eat till 11:30pm so I enjoyed the leftovers much better the next day.

So on to Christmas we go, our tree has been up for a few weeks because we were having pictures taken and I wanted a family picture with the tree in the back ground. The pictures turned out great, I just got to see them today!!! I can't wait to get them, if your interested in seeing them send me an email and I will send you the link. How different it is to put up a tree with 4 month old triplets and a 3 year old. It took me 8 days to get the tree up, lights on and decorated. I really need a Pre lit tree. I have gotten a few gifts but need to get many more. Clyde and I are going to take Nick to Great Lakes Crossing mall on Wednesday to try and get a few more gifts but more to see the Polar Express exhibit they have set up and just to spend a little time with just Nick. Here is some of the fun we had putting up the tree and the finished product.

A look from above, I can't wait to see all the gifts under the tree and 4 wild children tearing into them in a few short years.


Nichelle said...

Your tree is beautiful! I want to see the babies pictures! Email me! I hope all is well....we HAVE To go to lunch! I have stuff for you:-)

Marlene said...

Beautiful! The tree looks very nice and who cares how long it took you to do it, YOU DID IT!!! YEA! Of course I am not amazed because you ARE Super MOM and I have no doubt you can do ANYTHING! I know you are a lil skiddish about the RSV and you have every right to be. It is very serious and not only that, it is much more work because not only one would have it, more then likely, all 3 would. I DO want to come over before Christmas though. I have some things to bring ;-)
Have a great time shopping on Wednesday. Take pictures of Nick and I hope you sent me the link to view the Christmas pictures. I just signed on and clicked favorites to see if you posted anything. Some people go right to the bank site or to google, I go to Mason's plus 3! I will talk to you soon. Love Ya's

Mom said...

Your turkey was beautiful, I bet it tasted good!!! And the kids looked so cute in their christmas lights...I'm so proud you are super mom and a cook too. I'm so glad Selma could watch the trips today, I just am not over my cold with all the running around and stress my imune system has had it. Selma will take good care of them. Give them all a hug and a kiss from me, Clyde too. Love Mom

Ginny said...

Yea!! I can now post on your blog! The last time I tried, I would have had to have a gmail account. I love your Christmas card!! It is gorgeous!!! I also love your tree! I miss visiting. Why can't you live in Georgia?! Love, Ginny