Sunday, May 31, 2009


The older the babies get the more tired I get. That doesn't seem right, you would think it would get easier and it has in some way's. But I feel most day's like I did in the beginning. I don't know if it is because in addition to the triplets I have Nicholas to take care of and entertain. I have no idea how those of you out there with more than one older child do it. I get up most day's at 7am and by the time I put the babies down at 7/7:30pm I have had it, any idea's I had to clean up the house or do laundry is done. And even if I do have an ounce of energy left then Nick wants me to lay down with him and that is not good, I don't get back up till I hear Clyde getting home from work around 7am. I KNOW things will get better, but this teething sucks!!! At least in the early day's when all three were crying I knew when I fed them they were happy for another 3 hours, now I have done everything, feed them, change them, give Tylenol and oragel, nothing helps and I can't stand that teething cry from all three for hours at a time. I break down and have my mini freak out and then I look at their sweet faces and thank God for all of it. I would not change things for a million dollars, although I could use a million dollars. Just kidding :)

So the last few weeks have been busy around here, Nicholas had his last day of school on the 21st. The teacher had made a DVD with pictures from the entire year on it and showed it in class and I was fighting back tears, not wanting to look like the emotional wreck that I am only to look up after and see ALL the mom's wiping tears away. It was really a sweet video and she made one for each of the kids that Nicholas had watched hundreds of times. I think the novelty has worn off and that's a good thing. We we are officially on summer vacation!!! Nicholas has T-Ball through June and then we will see what's next.

Nick and his class on the last day

Nick and Katie (one of his many girlfriends)

Abby, Breanne & Nick (more girlfriends)

Nick and his teacher Mrs. B

We made our first trip of the summer to the cottage where I spent many a summers and I have some great memories of and can not wait for my kids to make their own. My babies are officially world travelers. Check Canada off the list. LOL This was my first BIG outing with all 4 kids by myself and it went well. I had lots of help from my cousins' girls when we got there, but I had the drive and border crossing all alone and we survived:) I got up at 6am to leave the house by 10am, I may not sleep the night before we go on vacation since I plan on being out of the house by 8am. LOL

Jackson with his feet in the sand
Grandpa, Jack & Nick fixin stuff

Emily feeding Cooper

Abby feeding Jackson

Ella maxin and relaxin in the fresh air

Nick in the freezing surf

Our family vacation is quickly approaching and we are all very excited. I'm going to take my computer so I may post some updates while we are gone?

And now for some random cuteness:)

Ella chomping some puffs

Jack after some dinner

Cooper enjoying some time outside in the superyard


Mary Dunbar said...

I know what you mean about easier in some ways, harder in others. Your not alone there. =) Mine are going through seperation anxiety. Not fun. I try to remind myself that this is a stage and it will pass. . . all too quickly in the long run. Your doing great and the kids are adorable!

the logan crew said...

WAIT! I keep telling myself that it's going to get EASIER when they can hold their own bottles and stop whining/crying so often!?!? That is very true that everything is in stages and as I love to say, "this too shall pass". Having an older child does make things more difficult but I love when Kyle helps get the babies diapers, pacis, etc as he's a huge help and feels like such a great big bro.

Hope to see you soon...we need to get all of the kids together one of these days! They are as cute as ever!


Mary Dunbar said...

Jill, where do I get these nifty crib rail guards you mentioned in your comment on the blog! =) Oh I need them badly! LOL

The Synnott's said...

they are so adorable and growing up FAST