Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is really getting hard to update the blog with the babies getting bigger and spending lot's of time playing with them and Nicholas having activities to get to and not to mention the million Dr appointments, and don't forget the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and on a good day I get to take a shower. Whew, no wonder I'm ready for bed at 7:30 when the babies go to bed. LOL

The boy's went for their head ultrasounds on Friday and it went great we were in and out in about a half an hour and the Dr called me on Monday and said that everything is normal. I guess my boy's just have lot's of brains, let's hope for scholarships in the future :)

This Monday Ella had her 2nd physical therapy appointment and she is doing WONDERFUL!!! She is sitting for extended period of time and pretty much straight up. This last Monday they put kenisio tape on her back and belly and I think that make a world of difference. Her therapist seems to think we will not be with her long and by the looks of things I would have to agree.

Nicholas started t-ball on Friday and had a blast! He did great, but he thinks he hits a home run every time and runs all the bases. LOL Tigers here he come:)

Mothers day was very low key. Clyde got held over at work, so he slept most of the day which meant no rest for me:( I got a cute card and some tulips and something that is still to come. On Thursday at Nick's school they had a Mother's Day thing and it was so cute. I took a video of it on my phone but it won't let me send it to my email to share:( But it was cute, the teacher had a sheet of paper with a bunch of questions about mom and she wrote down what they said I put his answers in italic.

My mom's name is Momma
She has just black like mine hair and sorta like mine eyes
She prefers to um, she just like to watch tv
Her favorite food is shrimp
She like to watch um, she just likes to watch girl shows
Pink is her best color
I love my mommy because she does nice stuff for me
What would you like to give her for mother's day? I'd love to giver her a heart


Nichelle said...

Good to hear from you!! Get some pictures up!! So glad Ella is doing good at PT, they do wonders! I will see you next week!!

Nichelle said...

Ok the 26th is even better, not as busy that week:-) Dinner sounds great! We'll talk before!

the logan crew said...

So glad to hear that everything went/is going well with ultrasounds and PT. Huge relief, I'm sure. See you soon, have a great weekend!