Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Updating the blog these day's is getting harder and harder the more active the kids get. So Ella had her appointment at U of M last Thursday and they said she looks great, she just has low trunk and facial tone so physical therapy should help. We go back in 6 months for a follow up unless her therapist doesn't see marked improvement in a few months. We had our first physical therapy session on Monday and is was good. Barb is Ella's therapist and she said in a few months Ella will be all over the place. We already got some home work, I had to go out and get a swimming inner tube and Ella has to practice sitting in it so she can learn to use her own muscles to correct herself when she falls or leans to one side. So we will be going one a week and see how things progress.

I have been wanting to get a Superyard for some time and now that the boy's are mobile I needed to get something to keep them corralled for a bit. I had been searching craigslist and my multiples gropus to find one and I had a few I had seen but they wanted to much or were to far away. I finally got one and I LOVE it!!! I really thought that I needed to get one extension panel to make it just a bit bigger for the tree of them to be in at the same time, so I was looking on craigslist yesterday morning and low and behold someone posted a superyard plus one extension and the sun shade for cheap. she dais it was in very used condition (lot's of scrapes and scratches) but I figured I could pick out the best 2 panels to add to the one in the house and then have one just for outside, plus a sun shade. I can't wait to get it tomorrow. The woman called me once I told her I had triplets to make sure I understood the condition of it, she didn't want me to get out there and then be disappointed in the condition. We ended up talking for some time, she has twins so we were trading stories. LOL I also ordered a sun shade so now I will have 2 but that's ok in case I need to use both yards outside or I can try and put one on each side of the superyard since we have NO shade in our yard or at the beach:)

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Nichelle said...

That is funny! I emailed that lady about the superyard with sun shade!! She told me it was sold with 6 others in line!! I "wanted"(but did not need)another one for my deck! Glad it was you that got DH would have killed me IF I got any more "STUFF" I did get the choo choo!!! I will post later about it....
Glad alls well. Ella will do wonders in PT, Syd did! I think she may need to go back....well see!
I work the next few days, I'll call you soon!!