Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well yesterday was a big day for the babies, the boy's got their first hair cuts and Ella got her ears pierced. My mom went with me and we had an action packed day. First the we went to Snip its to get the boy's hair cut and they did so good, SOOOO much better than Nicholas ever did. Cooper was not so sure about what was going on but he did good and Jackson was all about the attention, he loved it. I think he will be my metrosexual. LOL Then we went to Trader Joe's to do a little shopping and caused a traffic jam in the store. It's not very big and I had them in the triple stroller and had lots of stares and questions and had a few mom's stop me. Then we made a pit stop to visit Aunt Donna since she as been and will be traveling a lot and misses the babies like crazy. Then to mall to get little miss her earrings. She did so great, there were some tears, but the were dried up very quick and she was a giggly girl again. Once again lots of stares and questions at the mall. Then what was supposed to be a quick visit to GG's (great grandma) but we were there almost 2 hours!! GG enjoyed the babies, so it was worth it :) Then back to grandma's for a bit of down time and then home again. was a long day.


Nichelle said...

OMG!!! See what I missed not getting on my blog!! I love the hair cuts! And the ears go girl! I wanted too, but my husband doesn't want to just yet! I think the younger the better!!! I did Kayleigh at 3 months!!

Mar said...

Oh NO! I have not been able to be on here is SOOOOO long and reading from where I left off has made me very sad....I REALLY wanted to WATCH these babies GROW and I have missed A LOT! They are SO big and I can not believe they are only 10 months and are sitting there better then a 4 year old would, and getting hair cuts! YOU are such a good MOM Jill! I MUST get the time to get over there and spend the whole day! I miss you guys. Are you going to the 30 BASH?