Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Charlies

Well we took our annual trip to Apple Charlies with my brother in law and his family and it was fun as always:) It was quite a time with the babies, I could have made some money had I charged $1.00 for everyone who wanted to take a peek or ask a question. I guess
I don't blame them, but we were just like any other family our for a nice afternoon with our kids. I wonder when the novilty will wear off? We did run into another set of triplets and they were 7, so I know it can be done. LOL Their Granmother said their mom survived and I felt better. LOL Well it was packed probably because it was such a nice day. We got a pumpkin, but not the best so we will have to venture out to get another one but it was FUN!!! Here is a little slide show of our fun.

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Cristi said...

Looks like fun! We're going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow after church. I'm so excited!