Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have a lot to catch up on, a few weeks ago Nick and I went on a field trip to the dairy farm and had a great time. They have about 100 cows and produce 1100 gallons of milk every 2 days. The milk the have goes to kroger so we may all be drinking some.

That same weekend we went to Backyardigans live with Aunt Donna. Nick go treated like a king, Aunt Donna got him a hat, t shit and light up want, not to mention the snow cone and after we had some sonic. Here is a picture of Nick showing off all of his goodies.

We came home yesterday from the hospital and I was pooped!!! I took a shower had a bite to eat and took a little nap before Nick and I were off to trick or treat at Greenfield Village. It was cold but a ton of fun! Nick has Bobo the bear from school so we had to take him with us and get some pictures so we can share them with his class.

Cooper came home from the hospital yesterday and all is well. I hope we are done with hospitals for a LONG time. On the bright side of the hospital visit there was a floor host who stocks the room with sheets, gowns, diapers and stuff you need while you are there. Well when she found out we had triplets she stocked the room. She said she was "playing dumb" on how long he was going to be there. Anything in the room that is not used has to be thrown out so she put a case of 2oz ready to feed formula and 4 packs of diapers in the room. So we got a few day's of formula and 80 diapers out of the stay. And she gave us 3 knited blankets, very sweet. She kept saying she would leave us alone and not come back and I told here as long as she was bringing gifts she could come back any time. The nurses loved Cooper, he was on the pediatric cancer floor so they don't get many healthy tiny babies on the floor. I went to go get something to eat and the evening nurse asked if she could take him for a walk and "show" him off. I guess he was a ladies man and the hit of the floor. Well off to feed the babies and then off to bed for them.

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Mar said...

I LOVE seeing those pictures. I am getting so excited about coming to babysit. I think I am more excited about that, then Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come when I was a little kid. They are growing so big and Ella is so dog gone cute with those bows! And smiling now too! And you already know how I feel about Nick. He is such a happy and full of life little guy! You can just see how happy of a child he is when you look at his pictures! I am excited every time I see you have a posting and you are doing a great job on this blog! I am seriously counting down the days till your brother's wedding!