Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Photo shoot

Well the babies and Nick had their first photo shoot together today and what a work out. I can't wait for the proofs to be ready, the few shots that I saw came out soooooo good. My mom got Ella the cutest tutu and she looked like a little princess. The boy's were cute too, but Ella was all about the camera. She was wide eyed and ready for her photo op. The boy's on the other hand were either crying or sleeping. We got great shots of all the babies and all the babies with Nick. The photographers were great and it sounds like they have some great ideas for these pictures and for future sessions. My mom and Aunt Donna came over to help and I could not have done it without them. I am so tired from the outfit changes and baby shuffling and stuff. I have a month or so to recover from this, because we are getting holiday pics done in November. I will post the link to the pics when I get them. I can't wait to show off my beautiful babies!!!

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