Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Friends

We have some great friends:) Sharon who I used to work with come by last week for a quick visit and brought us home made chocolate chip cookies (YUMMY ;P) and the best part 2 cans of formula and a case of diapers!!! And then on Saturday our neighbors Shanda and Steve left a case of formula on the porch!!! I can't say thank you enough to them, the smallest contribution makes a HUGE difference in our lives. Sharon was able to stay for a minute to see the family and Shanda and her boy's stayed for some cuddle time with Ella, she was the only one still awake. I just wanted to say a quick thank you and give big hugs!!!


Mar said...

How cool is that!?
Are they still on the special formula or on the regular store bought kind now?? There are still some good people in the world and this is proof of it! I am happy for you to have such good friends. All seems well and I assume you are feeling much better then last week. The pictures are great of Nick and Jewell at the apple orchard. The weather was perfect. Trips are getting so BIG! And Nick with his favorite (Ella) sleeping is so precious! Keep up the great work of posing for all of us. It is really at treat to get this in my in box. Love and Kisses to you all!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

You can get the formula in the store, it's just more expensive than the regular formula and comes in a smaller can so it seems like we go through it like water.