Monday, December 8, 2008

5 Months

My precious miracles are 5 months old today. Sometimes it is so hard to believe that they have been here that long and other day's it seems much longer. They are each becoming such individuals and I love watching them develop into the little people they will become and to see them interact with each other brings a tear to my eye and melts my heart. I thank God for my all my kids every night but to know what other mom's have gone through with their higher order multiples I often find myself in tears holding on to one of the babies a little tighter. There is a mom who recently lost all three of her triplets and the straight he has is something I'm not sure I could find in her situation. I pray for her and her angels every night and kiss my angels here on earth an extra time for her. We have been blessed four times over and I can never say that enough.

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Nichelle said...

I hear you Jill!! We are truly blessed...I thank God everyday!!!