Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pajama Day

Thursday at school was pajama and pancake day. It was a lot of fun and the kids even got a special visitor. I was to cute, when Santa left all the kids ran to the window to see Santa walk by and when they didn't see him the teacher said she thought Santa parked his sleigh on the roof.

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Marlene said...

Very cute. Nick always looks like he is having so much fun. On the radio yesterday, they had Mom's calling up who had kids who were not behaving, and the DJ's were acting like Santa. They were telling the kids that if they didn't straighten up they were not going to get anything. The kids were so cute. Promising to be good and blaming their sister and brother for things. I have not left a message because at work, the pictures are blocked and I like to see the pictures. But I do read every update and I am hoping to come visit soon. I am off Christmas Eve through the 28th. I will call you on Christmas to see what day is good for you. I LOVE the Christmas Card. I cant wait for Christmas to be over so I can take it down from all the other cards and take it to work and show everyone. They are growing so big! And I miss them (and you:-)