Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Nights

Last night we went to our annual trip to Greenfield Village for the holiday nights and dinner at Eagle Tavern. If your not from the area Greenfield Village is part of the Henry Ford and a way cool place to visit in all the seasons. We went trick or treating there too. We have gone every year for several years with my mom, Aunt, brother and his wife. Clyde had to work this year and the babies were to little, so Clyde's mom and dad came over and watched them so Nick and I could go. It was freezing out but so much fun. We made a b line to the carousel first and Nick wanted to ride the rain deer, so I was glad it was free when we got to it. Then I gave him the choice of going to see Santa or going on a sleigh ride and he chose the sleigh ride. It was fun, we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed being together. We then went to dinner, it is a traditional 7 course meal by candlelight and the inn keeper has his speech he gives and there are singers performing throughout dinner. At the end they sing the 12 day's of Christmas and they give one day to a few tables and the entire place sings, it's fun. After dinner we waited around for a few for my favorite part of the night, fireworks in the snow. While we were waiting there were some funny looking characters walking by and I asked if I could take their picture with Nick. They were Mummers and we asked what they did and I guess they used to bother people in a good way to get food, drink or money. Thanks Mom, we had a great time.


Nichelle said...

love it!! Wish we could go.
OK typing one handed....feeding a baby. HOPE ALL IS WELL? Merry Christmas if i don't talk to you!!!

Marlene said...

Looks like lots of fun.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Clyde and Nick. And a SPECIAL MERRY FIRST CHRISTMAS to Jackson, Ella and Cooper. See you soon