Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Traditions

Well this I saw on my friend Ginny's blog and I thought it was to cute. I made a comment to her about where to get it but couldn't wait for a response so I googled it, The Elf On The Shelf. I called the local Hallmark to see if they had it and ran out to get one. The story is so sweet and I just hope it does the trick on keeping a certain little boy in line until Christmas. The Elf sits in your house watching the kids and at night goes back to the north poll to report to Santa the day's happenings, good or bad. Every morning the elf is in a new spot and the kids have to find him. The elf itself is a little creepy looking to me, but the idea and the story are precious. We have yet to name him because Nicholas is not home, but when you do you go to their web site and get to register him. I will update when he has a name.


Mary Dunbar said...

What an adorable idea! I may have to steal this too! =)

Mary BBC

Krista said...

That is such a neat idea. I bet Nicholas will have a lot of fun "looking" for the elf every day. BTW I love your Christmas card. Did you design it yourself?

Shawnda Smith said...

That is a great idea. I have a little three year old that might really work on.

Marlene said...

Leave it to Hallmark! Very cute idea and what ever it takes to trick the kids into behaving is a blessing. It is better then walking around the house welding a plastic spatula (just kidding)
If only I were a kid again. All the anticipation of Santa coming etc. All that excitement of going to bed and waking up to all those presents. Oh that was the good o'l days huh? Just think, before you know it they will be "complaining" that Santa got the wrong color and that's not the same one so and so has and blah blah blah and then you look for that plastic spatula LOL. It has been a month since I have been over and they have grown so much. I will call you soon to arrange for another visit. I hope everyone is feeling better.

Ginny said...

I am so glad you got it! Sorry I was working when you posted on my blog! I LOVE the new picture of the babies! They are so precious...and I have a tender spot towards Ella and her hairbow!!!! What did you name your Elf? I miss ya!