Friday, December 26, 2008


Our Christmas was very low key, we stayed home and Clyde had to work. I was up at 7am to feed the babies and at 9am when Nick still was not up I decided I had better go wake them up so Nick had time to play with Dad before he had to go to work. When I went upstairs I said I think Santa was here and Nick flew out of bed, but instead of wanting to see if Santa left gifts, he had to go see if Santa ate the cookies and milk we left out for him. It was to cute. He then saw the presents and was so excited. We caved and got him the dog I said we were NOT getting him, but it was worth it, he LOVED it!!! We will be having two more day's of celebration so there will be lot's more pics to come. Today Clyde's family is coming over and Tomorrow my family will over. So Nick gets three day's of presents:)


Nichelle said...

What's a biscuit? Too funnY....I thought you got a REAL dog! Love the video. Just wait....2-3 more yrs babies are going to be FUN!!!

MasonTripletsPlusOne said...

Biscuit is the dog in one of the pictures with him. We were not going to get it because it was $190 but I found it on sale with free shipping. I can't wait for a few years with 4 super excited kids.

Marlene said...

The price tag on Biscut was reg. $190.00 but the reaction from Nick PRICELESS! That is so cute. He has a new best friend. Move over Ella, Biscut is here! lol
Speaking of Miss Ella....I LOVE the gold shoes! I was not feeling too great yesterday or today and I do not want to come over when I do not feel so great because I would not want to pass it on. Not that it is anything contagious (at least I dont think it is) but I would not chance it. I hope you had a great Christmas and hopefully next weekend I can come and watch the kids while you take down the tree....DEAL?