Saturday, February 7, 2009

How could I forget!!!

On Thursday when my mom and Fran were here Cooper rolled over!!!! And not just one roll but he did a complete roll from back to tummy and then tummy to back. Apparently my mom and Fran need to be here more often because he rolled when they were here when Clyde and I went away last month. He hasn't rolled since then, well maybe once, but I didn't see it and I'm not convinced Nick didn't help him;) What made me remember this was when I got him this morning out of bed he was on his tummy.

We had a nice visit and Fran brought us a case of diapers. Thanks Fran, you are keeping well stocked!!! I can't wait for our trip up north this summer, we invited Fran to go with us and we are going to have a GREAT time!!! I am very excited about that trip, but I don't want to wish the next 4 months away we have a lot going on. Nick's b-day, both mine and Clyde's b-day, our anniversary and lots of odds and ends in between. Plus I have a big first birthday bash to plan for July!!!

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