Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Teeth and Taxes:-)

Well we have our first tooth. Mr Jackson the first to do everything is the first to pop a tooth. He has not been cranky or acting like a teething baby in any way but when I picked him up yesterday out of the jumperoo his jammies were soaked with drool to his waist so I took a peek and sure enough one little white spot and when I felt it it was a sharp little tooth. I can see the other bottom tooth on him so I'm sure it's not far behind. Ella and Cooper are drooling machines and chew on everything, but I don't really see anything yet. I took Nick to a birthday party over the weekend and there was a baby there a month plus younger than mine and she had 8 teeth already!!!

We have been eathing a lot around here, the only things left to try are green beans and sweet potatoes. So far bananas have been the favorite for all 3 and peas the least favorite. Jackson not fond of peas

Cooper not to sure

No more please:(

You know having triplets is a drain on the pocket book, but come tax time I wish I had octuplets;) Not really. LOL But seriously we will be getting a very nice mini van payed for 95% from our tax return. Other than the daily joy's of 4 children under 4 the tax benefit is awesome!!!

Let's see what else has been going on. It was really nice on Sunday 40 degrees I think (it's sad that 40 is NICE weather) So Nick suited up and went out to play in the snow.

And this is what happens if a preschooler gets your camera

Oh and the most exciting news since my last post is about our summer vacation. My Mom and Aunt are renting a house on Big Platte Lake in northern Michigan this summer and we are all going to have a blast!!! I can't wait. My Mom and dear family friend Fran are coming over tomorrow so I had better get to picking up my house:)


Cassie said...

Your header picture is one of the cutest pictures I have EVER seen! Very creative...Any ideas for my 18 month olds???

The Lloyd Family said...

LOVE the header picture! 4 little tax deductions is NICE!


the logan crew said...

Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL picture at the top of your blog! I can't wait for my babies to be that big :-) I had to laugh about the pics that Nick took because Kyle (2.5) does the same thing with my camera. They used to be of him, now he's figured out how to turn the camera around!

And now I can't wait to have our taxes done :-) Have fun with your mom!


Nichelle said...

Hey you!! I wonder when mine will get a tooth? I do see some white specks in both Ethan & Syd. I have that same drooling problem over here....everything is soaked! Yuck!Sounds great on the taxes, i need to get started on that! OH and we all do fit in the min-van 5 kids in the back and two in the front!