Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make that two!!

Jackson popped his second tooth today:) I think that is it for him for a bit, I can't see or feel anything else. I guess he is going to wait to Ella and Cooper to catch up.

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Marlene said...

Finally I can read the blog! At work I get the update email and I used to be able to click on and at least read the posts but not view the pic's...but now the blog is totally blocked....Probably because I should be working..not reading blogs LOL...They are growig so big and I miss them (and you) and I really need to get out to see you guys...It seems like every weekend there is something going on. Emma is finally back from AZ and she has decided not to move there (AMEN!) so now I can settle in a bit and get back to "normal". I will call you and set up a "date". LY