Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Back

Well my computer is fixed and in less time than they told me and at cost was at the low end of the estimate!!!! All great things:) I thought being without my computer was going to be bad, but you have no idea how bad till it actually happens. Being a full time mom to infant triplets and a almost 4 year old I don't go many places except the store and preschool. The Internet is my lifeline to the outside, I talk to my mom, aunt and brother a lot and my one friend Carly, but other than that it's me and the kids. I'm so glad the computer is fixed.

Not having the computer gave me some time to catch up on house work. It actually came at a good time since Nicholas turns 4 on Sunday and we are having a fairly big party. There will be a total of 26 people in my house and it's not a huge house. Mostly family and 2 of Nick's friends and their mom's. It should be fun, we are having a puppy theme and my WONDERFUL mom is making Nick cupcakes that look like different puppies. And on Monday Clyde and I are taking Nick to the kalahari water park resort in sandusky OH. It's going to be a fun time:)

I was asking people what kind of clips they use for their little girls hair because Ella has some wild hair and the clips I got just fall right out. One of the moms at Nick's school told me about Ribbies, she said you can get them at Target, but I could never find them so I googled them and ordered them direct. They are AWESOME and well worth the $$.

Well I will have more updates and lot's of Pics after we get back from the water park.

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