Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Meeting of The Mom's

Last night I got to go to a meeting of the higher order multiples group that I belong to and it was so nice. I got to see my friend Nichelle again and see had some goodies for me, a case of formula and a diaper bag. Thanks Nichelle!!! I met a bunch of really great ladies and even some who's blogs I had been following, Kristen, Greta, Krista and Jennifer. I really like this group, one because everyone has at least triplets and two there seemed to be a group with trips under a year, then a few with toddlers and a few with school age kids, so there will always be someone to turn to when I have a question or problem. I hope to be able to be active in the group as much as possible. It was nice to meet everyone and put a face with a name and hopefully once RSV season is over we can get together for one BIG play date:)


FrenznickFive said...

i had dinner with another triplet mom Leah last night and i was telling her about you and how we should get in contact! and we were talking how we wish there was a triplets mom club because the MOMs of oakland county is mostly twins. where is this higher order club?? we want in! :o) email me

Nichelle said...

Hey Jill!! It was so great to see you & meet all those wonderful triplets plus people! I have to read all their blogs now... I like you can't wait to warm weather to get out with the babies!!
No problem on the goodies:-)