Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Choo Choo Wagon!!!

I have wanted this wagon since I found out I was having triplets. My mom was going to get it for them for their birthday but it was discontinued earlier this year and people are asking outrageous prices for used ones. You could get it for $150.00 plus shipping new and someone on ebay is asking over $800.00 for one, USED. That is highway robbery!!! Well every so often I check craigslist for one and last week there was one and close to home. We emailed back and forth until we agreed on a price and I told her I could pick it up Sunday, I had wanted to make sure we got enough money to cover the new car sets. Well we had VERY generous birthday gifts and we got the CHOO CHOO WAGON!!!

The babies loved the wagon ride. It was worth the money and the wait. I just had to order seat belts for it because my children can not be trusted to stay seated.

I had one umbrella already for another wagon Nick had gotten so I went out and got 2 more so each baby has some shade. I took that idea from a few others I have seen on other blogs.

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Lisa said...

Hi Jill! LOVE the choo choo wagon! I want one too! I mentioned it to Greta and she said she'd sell me hers when her triplets are done with it...can't figure out why they would discontinue it?!

Anyway, happy birthday to Ella, Jackson & Cooper! Sorry I never responded to your has been crazy here. Ryan's grandparents came in last Saturday (the b'day party day) from Florida and met their great grandbabies for the first time. This Sunday we are having their Christening (better late than never, right?) and today Ryan's aunt and cousin come in from MN to meet the gang for the first time. All this with new carpet, new patio and some painting projects = busy days! haha!

Anyway, I really hope we can get together someday soon!

Take care,