Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Urban Toddler

Ella, Jckson, Cooper, Jacob, Lillian, Gavan, Aiden, Brooklyn & Calahan

One of the multiples groups that I belong to the HOMMIES (all mom's of triplets and more) had a playdate at My Urban Toddler and it was a blast. There were 9 babies and 3 two year olds plus Nicholas. It was a cool place, we take Nick to the places that have huge climbers in them to burn off all of his energy but this place was an imaginitive play place. They had different cubbies with a pupet theater, kitchen, store, school room and more. And in the middle they had an inclosed area for infants. We were able to get a great picture of all 9 babies, I am still amazed. Everyone did great and I am ready to plan the next one.
Ella Bean

Big Jack

Mini Cooper

Gavan & Ella

Nick putting on a pupet show

Jacob & Jackson

Kristin & Krista

Lillian helpin Jack through the tunnel

Kristin took this pic of Jack and I love it

Gavan & Ella

Ella & Aiden

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