Thursday, July 2, 2009

In just a few short day's my babies will be 1 and I can say I have survived the first year. Today we had their one year pictures done and oh my gosh was it hard. Every session before they would stay put this time they were going in three separate directions. It was quite a work out! We all took a nap after that. Here are the preview pics that she sent me.

I Love this one

Here are some I took with my camera.

They liked being in the wagon so much I decided later in the day we would try a short walk in the wagon. I really wish we had a choo choo wagon but only for the seat belts. This wagon is great we just need to rig up some seat belts and we will be great! Jackson layed down almost the entire time, it was so cute he just smiled and giggled the entire time. We got caught in the rain on the way home and they LOVED it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them then.


Nichelle said...

OMG!! Love the pictures!! We are getting ours done on the 8th! HEY call step two and order their seat belts, I bet they'd work for your wagon too:-)
I am SO mad I missed the urban toddler place, next time FOR SURE!! ZOO too, let's plan it again!!!

Joy said...

Jill, your babies are so precious! And getting big. I love the pictures. I know I keep saying this but I need to come see you guys. Noelle is at camp the week of July 20th. Maybe sometime that week would work. Let me know.

Krista said...

Those pictures are adorable. I am so amazed you are able to get all 3 to look at the camera and smiling too! That splash pad you have for them looks really neat. I bet my kiddos would love playing on something like that.