Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1 year stats

Yesterday they had their 1 year well baby visit and all is good.
19lb 9oz (28%)
28 inches (25%)
19lb 5oz (7%)
28 1/2 inches (18%)
17lb 4oz
27 1/2 inches
He is not on the growth chart yet. We have to take him back in a month and a half to have his weight checked. He is going to stay on formula but she changed him to the next step formula, just till we get his weight checked. Then she said he will go to whole milk with carnaton instant breakfast added. But we will wait and see.
We made the switch to milk for the other two yesterday and the first bottle was not so good but the night bottle was better and this morning I think they were already used to it.

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Mother of Multiples said...

Hello Mason Triplets.....I just discovered you and we are neighbors. I have triplets and I live in the suburbs of Detroit..good old Bloomfield Hills Michigan. I noticed you referenced Hommies...I am a member. Love your blog