Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where is summer?!?!?!?!

Don't get me wrong, I really LOVE the cooler weather, but for the kids we need warm pool weather. The babies have been sleeping in onesies this summer, but the last few mornings they wake up cool. I'm loving the cool weather but can wait a few more months for fall. Summer please come back.


FrenznickFive said...

seriously, I have three baby pools and two water tables that are just sitting there because of this darn weather! yesterday I had the babies in long pants and long sleeves to go play at the JULY...craziness!

Mar said...

Well I am behind a few posts so I will start with choo choo wagon...Looks like all of the kids really enjoy it. I am sure you guys make your "own" parade when you pull it. Just so cool to see so many babies at once! One year stats are awesome! Who could have ever imagined 3 little teeny tiny babies could steal our hearts from day one? I read it and heard about it, you went through all the work and carried them, and OH SO PROUDLY! You are the BEST! Now on to swinging at the park...Really, Jill...Miss Ella needs to be in pictures! She is SO HAPPY and when I see pictures of her it just brings a smile to my face. Not that the boys dont do it for me, because they are ALL cute but Ella, has those cheeks and her smile is SO REAL that it lights up my face. She could be a perfect commercial baby! And HELLOOOOOOOOO! Summer where are you? I have actually pulled my comforter out and use it at night! The days are not so bad but are not warm enough for the kids to play in any water. I am officially unemployed now. I lost my job to "downsizing" and it will take some time getting used to but once I get in the swing of things and get all my financial business in order I will have LOTS of free time to spend with my favorite triplets! Also with you, Nick and Clyde lol. I will close for now, sorry for such a long post. <3 Ya!