Thursday, January 22, 2009

6 month check up

All is well and I some some fat babies!!! Ella 14lb 11oz and 24 & 1/4 inches long, she is in the 25th% for a 6 month old:) Jackson is 15lb 13oz and 25 & 1/4 inches long, he is also in the 25th% for a 6 month old:) And Cooper is 13lb 2oz and is 23 & 3/4 inches long. Cooper is not on the growth chat yet, but is gaining weight nicely and the Dr is very happy with all three. The best news is that Ella and Jackson are on regular formula now, I'm hoping we will be able to save a little $$$ now that they are off the $16 a can stuff. We were going through about a can and a half a day and now with just cooper on it, it should last 4 day's or so and I can get an economy size can of the regular similac at Sam's Club for $27 and it should last about 4 day's. Everyone had shot's today and did ok but once we got home all had fevers and were cranky. My mom picked Nick up from school and spent the day with us and that was a huge help. Plus she stayed and watched all the kids so I could get out with my friend Carly and we went and stocked our freezers at dream dinners. Thanks Mom!!!:) So all is well with the kids and we don't have to go back until 9 months.


The Lloyd Family said...

Glad you got a good report! I just linked your blog to mine! Nice to 'meet' you!

Mary Dunbar said...

Great job mommy! Mine just had there 6 month shots too, but they are 7 months old. =)

Mary BBC

Mar said...

Pretty soon they will not fit in that basket! I am going to call you later today and arrange my visit. Got my car back and all is well. Love the pix. Growing so big!
I cant wait to see all of you soon!