Monday, January 26, 2009


Well I have been attempting putting the trio down for the afternoon nap in the their bedroom. Jackson is the star, he fusses for a bit and then is down for the count 2+ hours. Ella is getting better, at first she just screamed until I would come to get her but she is catching on, today she slept for about an hour and then after I got her and changed her and she snoozed for another hour or so. And then we have little Cooper, he hates going down for a nap and screams like someone is really hurting him. I try and give him a bit to get used to the new routine but he is not having it. I bring him down stairs and he is out for the count 2+ hours. He better get the hang of this soon, I enjoyed a bit of me time:) Now bedtime is a different story, all three go down at about 7:30pm and 99% of the time I don't hear a peep until at least 7:00am. Well I had better take advantage of the quiet and go lay down, it's 10pm and I am fried~~~

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The Lloyd Family said...

We started laying our trio down around 6 months in their room for a nap... It was SO nice the first couple of days when I looked around in the living room and their were NO babies to move around while I cleaned. = ) It felt weird. They all pretty much take a 2 hour nap now after lunch... most days.