Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out with the old & in with the new

Why is it that it took me a week to put up all of my Christmas decorations and one day to take everything down? I was so ready for the holiday's to be over, but I always hate it after the tree is down and everything is back to normal. One day last month Clyde and I moved the couches to vacuum under them and got a bright idea to move the living room around. If it would have not been midnight when we did that we may have moved everything then but we decided to wait till after Christmas and the tree was down and then work on that. So today we were on a mission and thanks to my brother in law we accomplished our feat and after I get used to the way the living room looks it will be great. We just have way to much baby stuff so the new arrangement gives us SOOOO much more room.


Mar said...

Your right, the Holiday's are gone (and I didnt make it over) and a New Year and NEW furniture arrangement. Of course it will take time to get used to. Just be careful in the dark. lol
My car is in the shop with a blown gasket, that is why I have not made it over there, but I promise as soon as it is fixed, I will call you and make a date.

Nichelle said...

Jill, we had to do that too! More room helps with all the baby stuff! Specially seeing its ALL so big...the exsaucer & jumperoos take up the most room!
I really hope to see you soon.....