Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jumperoo, ER & Photo Shoot

You know when you were a teenager/young adult and you had to run out and get the newest cd or concert tickets? Well I have transferred this into getting the newest and coolest baby gaget. I have been wanting to get a jumperoo for a while and I looked online for all the options and saw the cutest one, but is was only on preorder from BRU to be shipped/on sale 1/16/09. So I wait and ponder my options some more. Well on Saturday I had to go get some formula so I thought I would look at the jumperoos and make my decision. Well I went to BRU and they didn't even have the one I wanted to see, or so I thought. I asked at the check out and they said they had them, just not out yet. So I snatched one up! The precious planet jumperoo, it's very cute and Ella and Jackson love it. I know that they would love any of them, but I NEEDED to have the newest and cutest!!! Here are pictures of Jackson and Ella. Cooper is still to tiny to jump away, Ella's feet don't touch the ground, but she can wiggle enough to set off the music and lights and Jackson's toes touch and he can going pretty good:)



On Friday night Nicholas climbed up on my lap while I was feeding one of the babies and said he was cold and freezing. He was burning up, I took his temp and it was 103.2, gave him some tylenol and to sleep he went. Saturday he was mellow and had a low grade fever but ok for the most part. Then night falls and the fever spikes, it was 104.4. I called the Dr and they wanted him to be seen in the ER for the high fever and because he had a cough and has asthma, they wanted to just make sure he was ok. So I called Clyde and he had to come home from work early, it took him over an hour because of the snow. My in-law's came over to stay with the sleeping babies and out we went. We got lucky and didn't have to wait long, he has a upper respiratory infection and an ear infection, YUCK! So they gave him a dose of amoxicillin and kept us there for 20 min since he had never had it before and for good reason. About 15 min later he broke out in hives, my poor boy just one more thing to add to the list of his allergies. So we waited for the Dr and he changes the antibiotic to something else and on our way we went. He's been better today, but still not my Nick.

We had the babies 6 month pictures taken today and I'm so excited to see them. From the few that they showed me they are going to be super cute!! The babies have their 6 month check up on Thursday so I will be interested to see how long they are and how much they weigh.

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Nichelle said...

Hey it looks like all is going well!? I have been busy back to work so not much time to read blogs and post! Glad your doing so good! We'll get together when it warms up, for sure!!!?